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HMS Scrap

HMS Scrap is one of the most common forms of heavy steel scrap and they are usually cut to a size of not more than 1.5m x 0.5m. These form of scraps mainly consists of cut lengths of pipe, angles, re-bar, steel poles, I or H shapes, ships plate and lot more.

Brass Pipes

Often preferred by contractors and plumber, brass pipes could be really good deal of money when it comes to metal scraps. We at ALTEX Textil Recycling GmbH and Co.KG deals with brass pipes and help business in locating scraps around the area.

HMS Pipe Scrap

ALTEX Textil Recycling GmbH and Co.KG is now one of the biggest exporters of HMS pipe scrap and we assure delivering any given quantity on a contract basis or on the spot that suits the requirements of the customers.

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ALTEX Textil Recycling GmbH & Co.KG has become a renowned professional company that aims to work with great dedication of offering high-quality products. When it comes to ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap offerings, the company has gained significant years of experience of working in the industry. The company has also earned great reputation of working in the domestic as well as in the international markets also.

The organization houses some great experts that have huge experience and great familiarity with the business goals of the company. The kind of experience the company has gained in the course of business years has been influential in framing new heights of success in the industry they belong to. ALTEX Textil Recycling GmbH & Co.KG has been effective in fulfilling the requirements of the business for both small and large scale industries in all over the country.

ALTEX Textil Recycling GmbH & Co.KG is now importing different kind of metal scraps from all over the world like Germany, Singapore, USA, Kuwait, UK, Canada, Dubai, Poland, Saudi Arabia as well as many other countries.